Winter 2019 Newsletter

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Plant Profile

Hamamelis vernalis is a witch hazel native to the Southern and Central U.S. that flowers in January and February. This shrub’s foliage turns a lovely golden yellow color in fall. The flower color can really vary, but is often a yellow-orange. H. vernalis is rounded in habit and because of its suckering, it makes a great mass planting. In our area, the leaves often remain on the plant throughout the winter, offering a darker background that can make the flower color that much more attractive. This shrub grows 6-10 feet high and wide and makes a great addition to your garden for year round interest.

Project Focus

Hardscaping projects are a fun way for our crew to get through the winter months. Check out our latest projects here.

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FGC Gardening Tips

Now is a great time to force branches indoors.

It’s 8 degrees outside. But we are still thinking about blooms! Cutting a few select branches from specific flowering trees and placing them in a vase of water indoors is a wonderful way to bring spring to your living room, when it is very clearly still winter outside. The best branches to do this with at the end of January and early February are cherries (Prunus spp.) and all associated cultivars.


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