Now is the time to think spring bulbs!

As summer winds down and school starts again, it’s hard to imagine your garden in spring, isn’t it? But in order to plan for spring bulbs, you need to start thinking about and planning for them now. Let us help! The following is list of bulbs that you can order and plant right now that will keep your garden blooming from February to June of next year, and many springs to come. Of course contact us at any time and we’d be more than happy to design a full spring bulb display for your property. It’s one of our favorite things to design.

Spring bulbs.png

Galanthus nivalis (Snowdrop) - Feb/March - small white flowers; naturalize in garden bed or lawn

Chionodoxa forbesii (Glory of the Snow) - Feb/March

Scilla bifolia - March - great for rock gardens

Crocus ‘Spring Beauty’ - March - also great for rock gardens

Narcissus ‘February Gold’ - Feb/March - early blooming Daffodil; all yellow

Eranthis hyemalis (Winter Aconite) - Feb/March - small yellow flower; enjoys part shade

Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’ - Fragrant and blue; small and great for rock gardens

Tulipa ‘Apricot Beauty' - April - Soft salmon color

Muscari armeniacum (Grape Hyacinth) - April - flowers resemble small grapes. Looks terrific in spring container arrangements.

Fritilaria imperialis 'Rubra Maxima' - April/May - Orange with purple veins; a real show stopper

Narcissus ‘Jetfire’ - April/May - Produces a lot of flowers; yellow petals and an orange cup

Tulipa ‘Apeldoorn’ - Darwin hybrid, vivid red color

Hyacinthoides non scripta  - May - Adaptable; shade tolerant; pretty purple flowers. Looks great planted in a mass.

Allium ‘Purple Sensation’- May - Purple globe atop tall stem. Interplant to hide foliage

Leucojum aestivum (Snowflake) - May - Lovely white flower; naturalizes well

Dutch Iris ‘Carmen’ - May - white with pink

Tulipa ‘Mount Tacoma’ - May - Gorgeous ivory white double flowering tulip

Narcissus ‘Quail’ - May - Great for containers; fragrant

Narcissus ‘Geranium’ - May - A whopping six flowers per stem!