Achillea 'Apfelblüte' APPLEBLOSSOM

Achillea 'Apfelblüte' APPLEBLOSSOM is a lovely summer flowering perennial in the Aster family. It performs best in full sun, and in drier soils. It flowers from June through September, attracts butterflies and can tolerate some deer traffic. This is a great addition to the front of your perennial border.

Divide this plant entirely every 2 to 3 years. Deadhead the spent blossoms. And when the plant starts to look leggy and unattractive, cut it back to its basal foliage. Depending on the timing and the weather, the plant may produce a second, fall rebloom.

The plant is used medicinally to stop bleeding, and the Genus was actually named after Achilles of Greek mythology because he used it to stop the bleeding wounds of soldiers during the Trojan Wars.